10 Bridal Party Gifts Ideas That They Will Actually Want To Reuse

We all know how hard it can be to gift give, especially when it's to a large group of people. So there are 15 gift ideas that your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen will actually want to reuse (in order of price from lowest to highest).

Feel free to mix and match these ideas together or even create a little basket of goodies for each bridal party member, the sky is the limit! Let's kick it off with the ladies first...

Gifts for the Bridesmaids

1. Party Sunglasses | $3.67+ | Etsy Shop: NaturalSucculents

How adorable are these!? I highly suggest something fun like this for photos and video. They will give some fun and uniqueness to your wedding.

2. Velvet Scrunchie Hair Tie | $3.75 | Etsy Shop: Anne Fannie

Who doesn't love a good scrunchie? Plus, your girlies can use them to pull up their hair while on the dance floor!

3. Sleep Masks | $5.94+ | Etsy Shop: ModParty

As someone who uses a sleeping mask as my nightly routine, I see this as a really nice gift!

4. Spa Slippers | $10.50 | Etsy Shop: YadiMercier

They just look so cozy, like you're at a 5 star hotel!

5. Custom Wine Glasses | $11.04 | Etsy Shop: BlueRidgeMountainCo

This dishwasher safe glass is such a cute gift any bridesmaid would be glad to receive (especially if it comes with some bubbly ;)

6. Custom Clutches | $11.25+ | Etsy Shop: Slodo Boutique

I love the idea of giving these clutches out before heading out to the Bachelorette Party! How cute would it look if you all had matching purses with your names on them?!

7. Bridesmaids Jewelry Set | $11.99+ | Etsy Shop: Allure Wedding Jewelry

Any Jewelry set is sure to win the hearts of your friends. I just love how simple and classic this set is, but it all depends on your wedding and style.

8. Personalized Tumblers | $13.56 | Etsy Shop: ModParty

There are so many cute tumblers to choose from! I suggest picking one that matches your wedding colors and/or theme.

9. Tote Bag | $16.84 | Etsy Shop: Up2ournecksinfabric

Having a tote bag when you're in a bridal party is essential to staying organized throughout the day. So why not gift your bridesmaids something they can use the day of your wedding and after?

10. Soft Jersey Bridesmaid Robe | $17.99+ | Etsy Shop : Taniri Designs

These jersey robes are the perfect item to have your gals wear while getting their hair and makeup done. These are super comfortable and wrinkle-free which is fantastic for photo and video!

Gifts for the Groomsmen

1. Bottle Openers | $3.63+ | Etsy Shop: TealsPrairie

These sleek Bottle Openers are a great idea! Bonus: they are so little they fit in most wallets.

2. Linen Neck Tie | $6.40+ | Etsy Shop: LuffDo

Chances are you want all of their ties to match anyway. So why not gift them?

3. Personalized Flasks | $6.98+ | Etsy Shop: HisCorner

A flask is such a cool item to have! And most likely your groomsmen don't have one already.

4. Personalized Sunglasses | $7.78+ | Etsy Shop: Ubaiddoll

Love that these are stylish and come with a cool wooden box!

5. Custom Slippers | $10.99+ | Etsy Shop: YourlovelyshopDesign

These slippers are sure to make any Groomsman feel like a king.

6. Personalized Tumbler | $11.99 | Etsy Shop: PersonalizedShed

Keeping everyone hydrated throughout the day is going to be a challenge. Make it easier on yourself with these cool tumblers!

7. Personalized Socks | $12+ | Etsy Shop: NewWindsorCustoms

The way I see it is that they are going to need socks anyway... why not have them all be matching and make it fun?!

8. Leather Journal | $15.99+ | Etsy Shop: EventCityDesgin

You really can't go wrong with a monogrammed leather journal. Even if they don't write in it, it still looks pretty.

9. Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag | $20+ | Etsy Shop: CKRLeather

Just like the women, it's always nice to have a bag to but the essentials (like deodorant, hair gel, etc.) in. Why not gift this before the wedding day with a little list and everyone will be prepared?

10. Cooler Bag | $22.50 | Etsy Shop: SouthernMySass

This is definitely a gift that anyone is sure to use over and over again!

If this information was helpful to you, or if you have any other recommendations, leave it in the comments!