3 Steps to Prepare Your for Your Love Story Film

Preparing for your Love Story Film and Engagement Photos can be a little nerve racking. But I've got you covered with 3 simple tips to keep you in control. And your results will turn out amazing with no stress!

1. Think outside the box

Pick something that you, as a couple, enjoy doing and incorporate that into the video and photos. Doing an activity that makes you comfortable will show in the video and it will turn out more natural and timeless. Plus it will create a great story backdrop that will keep your audience engaged. Some examples would be walking downtown, going on a hiking, visiting your favorite library, or even Netflix and cuddles!

2. Remember comfort

You have to dress up to the whole nines for your actual wedding day. So unless you absolutely love dressing up, then let this moment be just about the you two. Now I’m not saying to wear dirty old clothing, but pick something that you look and feel great in! Honestly, the best sessions I’ve done is when the couple wore clothes that they didn’t mind getting dirty. Then, if the chance arises, beat the heat and jump in that lake!

3. Don’t be afraid to say no

I once gave a suggestion for a groom to give a piggyback ride to the bride. The couple came to the conclusion that it was a little too cutesy for them. And it was totally fine! If you aren’t 100% with an idea then let me know. My job, and passion, is to create something that you will want to watch often. I expect feedback from you just as much as you expect it from me. In the end it’s all about you. So do what you want to do!

Check out this fun Love Story Film I did with Megan and fiance Chris. They met through mutual friends. With a lot of persistence and patience Megan finally agreed to a first date and the rest is history.

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