I know what the usual advice is. I've seen and heard it all, just like you. And typically, when you're working to overcome wedding stress, you'll be told to do these 3 things: don’t get involved in drama, decide to enjoy it, and delegate.

But my advice? It's different. Here are 3 ways you can work towards your wedding goals, without exhausting yourself:

  1. BE DECISIVE. Being decisive in wedding planning is even more important if you have anxiety. Of course you should always compare options and make considered decisions, but when it comes to things like invitation wording, table plans, or menu choices you can get stuck for weeks and get more stressed in the process. Set weekly decision deadlines and move forward.

  1. TAKE TIME AWAY FROM PLANNING. Self car might be super trendy right now, but it’s for a reason. Whether it’s regular date nights, long baths with your favorite podcast, exercise classes, baking, or board games - have nights away from your wedding.

  1. PRETEND YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED A MONTH EARLY. This was a trick that really helped me! When you do this it means even the final details are all done way in advance. It means you can spend the last few weeks having fun and soaking it in.

I'm curious... which of these will you try first?