🌵Edgy Bridal Session at Joshua Tree!

I'm gonna be real with you... this video is very special to me. I designed this styled shoot around the dress, a dress that I've had for a couple of years. It's been hanging in my closet praying for the attention it deserves. So I decided to do something with it. Why not go somewhere adventurous, with some models and a photographer, and make some amazing content?! Turned out to be one of my best videos yet!

1 Year later I was able to wear this dress at my wedding were I married the man of my dreams. He treats me like a Queen and I'm so glad that I got to wear this dress.

My mother ended up adding pieces from her dress to create the long sleeves.

All of the lace slips off to reveal all of the silk for a second dress. Wow! I loved it!

Film: Lexi Rabelo Films

Photographer: Adam Black

Models in the video:: Emma and Jordan

HMUA: Wild Cactus Weddings

The Dress: Bridal Center

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