• Lexi Rabelo

Let's talk about Styled Shoots! 🤩 ⠀

What is a Styled Shoot? It's a mock-wedding created by a team of vendors to flex their creative muscles 💪 in a collaborative effort. Typically everyone provides their services and expertise in exchange for images (and video) of their work.⠀

It’s a win-win situation because everyone involved receives images (sometimes videos) of their work, everyone is also encouraged to share and tag all the businesses involved.⠀

In 2019, I coordinated and organized over 25 wedding styled shoots. And absolutely I LOVED it! ⠀

I met so many amazing and talented vendors. I personally used it as a time to reset my creativity batteries and get fresh ideas. ⠀

I'm in the process of starting these Styled Shoots back up again! But I'm doing them with lots of direction now that I know what my style and business plan is.⠀

If you are a vendor (or a model) and would like to be a part of these fun sessions STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND DM ME RIGHT NOW! 🙌

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