Tips To Help You Relax On Your Wedding Day

It’s ok (in fact, I encourage you) to slow down and have fun on your wedding day. I always contact my couples the evening before their wedding and ask them how they are doing.

Some of the most common answers I get are “I’m nervous”, “I’m stressed!”, and “I’m anxious”. So here are some things that helped me relax and stay in the moment...

1. Music. Listen to your favorite music. Music that helps me is Disclosure, Hans Zimmer, and 80’s Music.

2. Breath. Download some of your favorite guided meditations and invite others to do them with you.

3. Reflect. Ask people their favorite memories of you (and your soon to be). Stories and memories and bring you back to simpler times and then you can come back to reality with that perspective.

What are your favorite ways to relax and stay in the moment?