Wedding Video Myths

SCARY STORIES AROUND THE CAMPFIRE. Remember those? Campfire stories are some of the most captivating – and scary. Just like these 3 scary stories I continually hear about in the wedding video world. You know the ones – those caution stories you hear, but they just aren't true. Things like:

❌ Wedding videos are cheesy and boring

❌ A videographer will just get in the way video once

❌A videographer will just get in the way

But you wanna know the truth about each one of these "scary stories"? Here's the reality, minus the Bogeyman:

✅ Wedding videos are no longer boring. Don’t get me wrong, long and cheesy videos still exist, but now there are other options. With the use of a stabilizer and the latest technology I can create cinematic and epic short films that will blow your mind!! No boring videos…Not around here!!

✅ If you are getting married and plan on having children I absolutely, positively, know you WILL watch the wedding video more than once!! When your kids are old enough they will want to watch your video. Your grandchildren will want to view your video. Your wedding video will become a family heirloom you can pass down to generations!!

✅ The days of large cameras, annoying videographers, table to table interviews and big carts on the dance floor are a thing of the past. Technological advances have made this equipment pretty much obsolete. I film with a DSLR camera that is very small and powerful.

There ya have it - nothing to be scared of! Tell me... which one was the most surprising to learn?