🤫 What I Would Have Done Different For My Wedding

I want to start by saying that I had my dream wedding! It was a perfect day and in that moment I wouldn’t have changed anything, but now that it’s been a while, and I’ve had a second to ponder, I wanted to give you some advice on a few things I would do differently.

1. 🎥 I would get a videographer for my First Look. I had one for my wedding day but sense I had a First Look we didn’t spend a lot of time getting footage of just me and my hubby on the wedding day.

2. 😳 I would have started waxing sooner. I started about a month before my wedding day, but my face still wasn’t used to the treatment so I had a break out my whole wedding weekend and my honeymoon.

3. 😬 I would have everyone practice walking down the aisle before the ceremony. I played a super special song (All This Time - OneRepublic) and I felt rushed because I knew the song was ending. I would have liked it to be timed and I would have loved to have my little flower girl smiling. Haha! She was just so nervous that she forgot to smile and she was looking down the whole time.

4. 🙏 My and my new hubby would give Thank You Speeches. There were so many people that helped pull my wedding together. And I wish I would have taken a moment before our exit to thank everyone publicly.

5. 💃 I would dance more! I didn’t give myself time to enjoy the dancing. Along with this, I would have hired a Dj with lights. I don’t feel like my DJ set the scene and made people comfortable dancing. He was new, so I don’t blame him, but I definitely would get someone with more experience.

Those are my top 5 things I would change about my wedding day. I hope you learn from them and do what YOU want 🙌