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Drone footage can give you a bird's-eye view of your venue, bridal portraits, and even your ceremony! When Daniel was little he wanted to be a Pilot.. now he is a fully licensed drone pilot! lol. You can add this service to any Collection to make the most of your Destination Wedding.

If you are looking to do something completely different with your wedding film, an underwater experience is what you are looking for! These sessions take place in a large body of water (ocean, private pool, or spring) and can be added on to a Love Story Film, Day After Session, or Full Day Commercial Session. The esthetic the water gives is something that we never tire of. Perfect if you are doing a Beach Wedding!


Click Here if you want to see a F.A.Q section with the most common questions about Underwater Coverage.


Drone and Underwater
Aquatech 2022 Underwater Housing Campaign Video
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When is the best time to do underwater shots?

To get the best ocean images the best time is a mid tide going high. The water clarity is at its best then. A calm ocean also helps in getting clear, crisp images. Also, early morning and late afternoon are best for lighting, as well as overcast skys.

Do I need to be a good swimmer in order to do these session?

YES! I require clients to be avid swimmers as well as be able to hold their breath for a significant amount of time. 

Can you shoot in a pool if the ocean conditions are not ideal the day of the shoot?

The pool is an option but is a last resort. I prefer to reschedule the shoot if we don’t get ideal ocean conditions. (I usually have a back up date already set if underwater images are included in the shoot)

Do I have to sign a liability release to do these sessions.

YES! All clients are required to read through and sign a liability waiver in order to do the shoot.

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