Hey lovebirds,

Lexi here!

Let's put formalities aside.

That's what I do with friends, and if you're reading this, we're already pretty much friends. Cool? Awesome! First, you should know I'm a destination wedding videographer livin' in Utah moving to Orlando, Florida in Spring 2021.

Other titles include entrepreneur, educator, wife, professional jokester, unprofessional shower singer, and frequent traveler. I'm freaking thrilled you are here. FOR REAL. I love making new friends. So sit back, enjoy a ice cold coke zero, and stay awhile. You're always invited.


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Marble Surface

Right off the bat you should know, I'm not about that "perfectly posed" style.

NOPE. Give me real+raw over posed+perfect ANYDAY. I specialize in not-so-traditional and unique weddings all over the world. I also specialize in having GENUINE relationships and providing a personal experience for all of my clients. I show up as a friend not just any ole' vendor.


I get to know my couples and by the end of it, we're texting gifs back and forth like 7th graders. That's why I love what I do! I serve you with SO much more than pretty videos, but an incredible experience. Because you DESERVE it!

I have spent many years honing my skills and creating a specific style.

That editing style focuses on vibrant blues and greens. Along with the slow and romantic clips I film, I also mix in a nostalgic Super 8 style to some of the clips. This creates something fun, classic, and timeless.​




"Lexi made our wedding video and I couldn’t be more in love with it. It’s been four months and I still watch it pretty much daily - to which my husband just says, “watching it again, huh?” Yes. I am. Always. Lexi is a dream to work with. She is professional and so friendly to everyone present. You would think she knew them all for years. She also has the coolest talent of getting amazing shots without you even knowing she is there. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I want her to be present at every big event - or small event - in my life because she turns every moment into MAGIC."



"Our wedding was in July 2020, and in the middle of COVID! We lost our venue and ended up in my parents backyard. Lexi was so great at adapting to the situation, and you would have thought we got married in a professional setting, with the way she captured our video! She was great at getting to know us, and what was important to us. I LOVE our video. I wasn’t completely sold on a videographer at first, because I wasn’t sure what I would do with it the rest of our lives. But I’m so glad I hired Lexi!!!!! I’m going to cherish those videos forever. 100% worth it!!! She’s very talented, and personable!"



"If I could give a million stars I would! Not only was Lexi an amazing videographer she’s become a friend as well and we still talk almost daily 3 months after my wedding! She always checked in on me leading up to the day and offered help with anything I needed and she even helped calm my anxious nerves! She is so so so talented in her work and it will most definitely bring tears to your eyes, I am SO glad I hired her to film our perfect day and I’m so glad to have made such a good friend in the process! Book with Lexi!!!"

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