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About Us

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Chatting about the latest blockbuster movie, working out, cuddling Miley (our kitty), or enjoying that coastal grandmother life (if you know you know).

Our Love Story...


Hey, hey! It's Lexi and Daniel, the wife and hubby team behind Lexi Rabelo Films. We are so excited to learn more about you, but first here is a little about us...


Lexi grew up in tiny town called Saratoga Springs, Utah and Daniel grew up in Beach City called Fortaleza, Brazil. We met while both living in Salt Lake City on a dating app! Can you believe that?! It's a miracle! On our first date we didn't want the date to end. We got gelato, went on a walk through town, and talked like we had known each other for years. The rest is history! We got married in the Fall of 2019 and we LOVE filming weddings together because it takes us back to our special day and we are reminded of all the feelings we felt.

In Summer 2021, we packed up our renovated 5th Wheel (and kitty) and moved from Utah to Orlando, Florida. We couldn't be happier with this change! We love the weather, the people, and the lifestyle. 


If we aren't not working on an epic Wedding Film you can find us... 

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Exploring new places, watching Friends & Parks and Rec, walking around Disney Springs, or at a local farmer's market.

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Strolling around Costco, singing along to a Bon Jovi song, learning something new on YouTube, or enjoying some picanha at a Brazilian resturant. 

About Our Business

Lexi's love of storytelling and filmmaking began at the age of ten when her best friend's mom brought over a VCR camera, and bravely let her play with it. Countless memories and silly videos later, she realized that it was her passion. She loved that she could record memories, sounds, and movement.

In 2019 that hobby became a career. A friend of a friend needed someone to film their wedding and she was the lady for the job. She never imagined that one wedding would lead to over 300 couples trusting her with their memories. But, we are so glad that it did! Because this is the kind of work she wants to do. FOREVER.

After seeing how passionate Lexi was about her career, Daniel decided to go to a wedding or two and see what it was all about... he was hooked! Now, we work together to create films for couples on their wedding day and video content for local businesses.

The most important thing to us is understanding the heart and story behind each project so that we can bring every element of your story to life. We understand that your story began long before today. And it will live on long after.

Let’s Work Together

Based in Orlando, Florida


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