I'm Alexis Rabelo. But everyone I know calls me Lexi.

I was born in Missouri, and raised in Utah. I'm a 26 year old with an old soul. I love to flex my creative muscles. It's how I recharge my batteries.

I love to be in nature but I also love to go out for a night on the town. My "perfect date" is going on a bike ride, followed by a tasty dinner and a movie.

In Spring 2021, my husband and I are moving to Florida because we love it there and... why not?!

F U N  F A C T S 

I love Self Improvement books.

I fully believe in the Law of Attraction.

Pirates of the Caribbean is my fav!


I live off of Lemon Water and Brazilian Food.

2020 +2021 TRAVEL DATES

Catch me while I'm in your area!

October 16-24, 2020: Tampa, Florida

November 7-14, 2020: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

December 30-January 7, 2021: Orlando, Florida

Liz and Alex

100% Worth It!!!

"Our wedding was in July 2020, and in the middle of COVID! We lost our venue and ended up in my parents backyard. Lexi was so great at adapting to the situation, and you would have thought we got married in a professional setting, with the way she captured our video! She was great at getting to know us, and what was important to us. I LOVE our video. I wasn’t completely sold on a videographer at first, because I wasn’t sure what I would do with it the rest of our lives. But I’m so glad I hired Lexi!!!!! I’m going to cherish those videos forever. 100% worth it!!! She’s very talented, and personable!"

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