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Your intimate & stress free wedding is waiting...


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Imagine an elopement that's not just luxurious but also completely stress-free. That's exactly what our all-inclusive packages promise.


What's on the Menu:

  • Effortless Planning Services

  • Exquisite Photos and Videos

  • Top-tier Officiants

  • Lavish Hair and Makeup

  • A Custom Bouquet

  • And that's just the beginning!


But wait, here's the secret sauce that truly sets us apart. While some folks out there are all about pinching pennies and leaving vendors high and dry, we're firm believers in giving credit where it's due. This means you'll only get the best of the best.

Unlike those companies that settle for less, we guarantee the highest quality and an experience you'll treasure for a lifetime.

So why settle for anything less than the absolute best? Dive into the world of luxury elopements and start crafting your dream today. Ready to make it a reality? Click here to fill out our online contact form:

Included in the Elopement Packages:

What is Included
About Florida Elopement Packages
Places to Elope
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22 Unbelievable Locations to Elope in Florida

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Our Top 5 Locations to Elope in Florida

Perks of Working with Us

Wedding planning, they say, can be a wild ride. But with our elopement packages, we're all about kicking stress to the curb and turning your dream day into a blissful reality.

The Elopement One-Stop-Shop

Whether you're dreaming of saying your vows in the sun-soaked Florida sands or in the heart of a lush forest, our packages are designed to cater to your preferred location and activities. With us, you're never alone on this adventure. From brainstorming to execution, our team is your trusty sidekick. All you need to bring is your marriage license, and we'll handle the rest. We even give you the superpower of deciding how involved you want to be!

Plus, our talented photographers and videographers have graced the pages of renowned magazines like Vogue, Us Weekly, and People Magazine, ensuring your day is captured in the most exquisite way possible!


Meet Your Cinematic Duo

Lexi and Daniel aren't just the heart and soul of Lexi Rabelo Films; they're your in-house videography dream team. With a shared passion for crafting cinematic magic, they're your personal movie directors on the most important day of your life. Your love story deserves nothing less than Hollywood-style brilliance.


Time Is Money, Let's Save Both

We're all about cherishing your time and hard-earned money. That's why we've waved our magic wands to take care of all the heavy lifting. No more frantic vendor searches or last-minute headaches. Plus, we've got your back with local vendors, giving you the warm fuzzies of supporting Florida's wonderful community and economy.


Ready to make memories that'll last a lifetime? Let's dive into planning today with our Elopement Packages. The adventure of a lifetime awaits!

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Image by Jonathan Borba
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