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Walt Disney World Swan Reserve | Wedding Venue in Lake Buena Vista, Florida

If you've ever dreamt of a wedding that blends elegance with enchantment, where Disney magic kisses the air, then the Walt Disney World Swan Reserve is your very own portal to happily ever after.

The Heart of the Magic

Nestled in the heart of the Walt Disney World, the Swan Reserve isn't just a venue; it's a magical kingdom of possibilities. And it all begins in a place where dreams are crafted - the Swan Reserve.

A Symphony of Luxury

Picture a lobby that whispers sophistication, a stylish lounge with a bar that invites celebration, a marketplace for your convenience, and restaurants that promise culinary enchantment.

Where Dreams Have Views

What sets the Swan Reserve apart is its breathtaking views. Imagine your first dance unfolding against the backdrop of Epcot's enchantment, the timeless allure of the Magic Kingdom, and the Hollywood Studios' cinematic charisma. As day turns into night, let the fireworks illuminate your love story like stars in the sky.

But that's just the beginning. Take a stroll along the Vue Terrace, hand in hand with your beloved. Gaze out upon the shimmering cityscape, with the captivating Orlando skyline in the distance. It's a view that turns your wedding into a Hollywood romance, where you and your partner are the stars of the show.

Packages as Unique as Your Love

From intimate ceremonies to grand receptions, the Swan Reserve offers an array of packages designed to make your dreams a reality. And why not extend the magic? Accommodation packages include rooms that embrace the charm of Florida, ensuring your stay is as enchanting as your big day.


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