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5 Ideas to Make Viewing Your Wedding Film, for the First Time, Even More Special!

Watching your wedding film(s) for the first time is a big deal! I know how long you've waited to see it and I'm sure you're feeling super excited! And for good reason... you literally get the chance to relive your big day! So here are some tips to making the most of this moment.

1. Make a Date out of it: Plan a date with just you and your new spouse. Ideas: Go to a fancy dinner before, plan a little living room picnic, etc. No matter what you do, get all dressed up, because "why not"?!

2. Record Your Reactions: Record your reaction to seeing your wedding film for the first time! This is mostly for the videographer ;) So we can see your reaction and possibly post it on social media, but it will also be so fun to share yourself. Simply set up your phone facing you and your new spouse. Here's an example:

3. Book a fancy room at a hotel: Take the opportunity to make honeymoon #2!

4. Cook dinner together: Extra points if you cook something that you enjoyed eating at your wedding.

5. Throw a viewing party: Who says you have to watch your wedding film alone? If you are a social butterfly and you love hosting, make a party out of it!

I hope these tips give you some ideas on how to make this moment special. If you have any other ideas, let me know! - Lexi


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