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The Story of Claire and Keith's Wedding at The Ben West Palm Beach, Florida

I'm excited to share the enchanting love story of Claire and Keith, captured through my lens during their magical wedding at The Ben Hotel in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Claire, an extraordinary bride, faced the heart-wrenching loss of her brother, turning adversity into a positive force propelling her to incredible heights. Witnessing her strength and resilience, I couldn't help but be deeply moved and inspired. Her brother would undoubtedly be proud of the incredible woman she has become and the remarkable achievements she's made.

With Keith as her unwavering partner, Claire has discovered true joy and happiness. The connection between them is nothing short of magical – a perfect match radiating love and positivity. Beyond the traditional wedding promises, their "vows" represent a daily commitment to complimenting each other, a tradition they extend to their friends every time they go out.

Claire and Keith's relationship stands as a beacon for others, a shining example of what love and perseverance can accomplish. As their wedding videographer, I had the privilege of capturing the intimate moments that define their unique journey, moments that echo with the power of the human spirit.

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